Misleading Marketing Methods Exposed

By Shelley Lockwood

When I first started out online.....you know when I was a "newbie", I fell for many misleading marketing methods over and over again.

Took a while before it started to sink in.

All I wanted to do was start my own online business. I knew nothing about it. Therefore I had to research it, right? Oh my goodness, little did I know I'd stumbled onto some of the most carefully crafted marketing traps around.

Now, I've gained some experience...some of it quite expensive. I can't necessarily call these scams so I'll go with misleading instead.

It's not easy to admit I made these mistakes, or that I was so gullible (especially in such a public forum). I'm swallowing my pride in the hopes that someone else can benefit from these "learning experiences" without having to pay for them.

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