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MLM selling a product or a dream?          

Thinking of buying into the MLM dream? Then realize one thing, that's what they are usually selling: A DREAM. Not a product, not a solid business, they are selling you a dream that you will more than likely never realize.

In most cases, the product being sold is being sold to keep things legal. Recruiting is the big ticket item, they aren't allowed to sell only that so they throw in some product. A product that you have to purchase on a regular basis in order to qualify for any possible earnings. In reality most product sales are usually to the distributors themselves.

It's easy to get caught up in all the hype and motivation that plays on our yearning for financial freedom. The fact is though, that most participants don't make money at MLM. That's a fact they leave out mentioning when they draw you in to their private world of MLM.  

MLM selling a product or a dream?
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I do not participate in MLM.