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Welcome to!
I'd like to shake your hand and introduce myself. Since that's not possible, I'll tell you a bit about myself and how the website came to be.
I'm a mom of two beautiful little girls. I live in Montreal, Quebec Canada. Yes, there's a ton of snow...but only in the winter. Contrary to popular belief spring, summer and fall do exist in Canada.
(2017 Update! We've moved to Dallas, TX.  Not so much snow and not so much winter and we love it!)
Back in 2016 (wow time flies!) I was laid off from my job.
I still wanted to make a bit of extra money and to keep my brain stimulated.  I decided to start a home business.
I had no idea what type of business, or even how to get started. I had an Internet connection and a computer so I decided to search for some ideas.
I found things like, home typist, envelope stuffing, read e-mail and get paid, medical billing the list goes on. Luckily I wasn't interested in any of these. So at least I save some wasted effort & money there.....
Eventually I made it to site after site of "Internet business opportunities".  Wow!  All these easy ways to make money!
It didn't take me long before I had my credit card out, it was so painless and easy. I signed up for a few offers. I mean, how great is this? My first web site only cost me 5 bucks!
As it turns out that $5.00 site was based on the old "chainletter" concept.  I wasn't aware that scam even existed.
After more waste and more low costing ops, I decided to take it up a notch.
I paid $99.00 for a so called Internet based "franchise".  Years later I realized it was actually a re-seller account not a franchise at all.  It included a website.  Money was made by selling the service and supplemented by selling other franchises.  Becoming a re-seller of quality products and services can be quite profitable.  Not in this case though.  The agreement terms changed weekly; how much you earned per sale, the minimum needed to get paid. It went on and on.  In the end it became clear the only thing being sold was the opportunity itself. My conscience just wouldn't let me con people into buying.  I've since figured out it was a pyramid scheme.  
Then came Multi-Level Marketing (see these are all things I've learned in the meantime).  Website after website with fancy cars, yachts, mansions and a happy smiling couple on the home page.  The sites tell you nothing about the business itself, just paragraphs that pump you up.  Their adcopy motivates you into first buying a "decision pack".  This (they claim) is how they know you are serious about the business.  The decision pack arrives by mail.  It still doesn't give too many details about the business.  It's focused on income again.  How much you can make, the great cars & house you'll be able to buy.  I've shelled out my money for two different "decision packs".  The same catch each time.  In order to really earn any money I would need to invest another $4000.00 to become a "supervisor of whatever" and even then I should concentrate my efforts on recruiting others into the program.  Border line pyramid scheme, but they keep themselves legal.
Next came affiliate programs.  These were great because I could stop wasting money. They provided everything for free.
I spent months posting links to my "affiliate website" anywhere and everywhere that was free.  I wasn't wasting money anymore but the hours sure were piling up.
The good news?  I came across The Affiliate Masters Course (I talk more about the course in the Free Guide to Starting an Internet Business).  I was on the right track with affiliate programs but I was following bad advice.
The silver lining? It only cost me $600.00 and a year of my time. I've talked to so many people that were hit much harder.
I wanted to do something to stop the scams.  I decided that the best way I could help stop the spread of scams was by spreading awareness.  Don't forget to become aware by visiting the Nasty Section.
This site is dedicated to people who are looking for legitimate ways to make extra money online.  It provides information about money making scams, email scams, Internet scams and many many others.  Become informed,  learn to spot scams & schemes so you can avoid them while you're on the road to building your own business on the Net.
Here's to your scam free success!
Take care,
Shelby Carter
PPS- Here's something you won't see very often.....I'm going to tell you exactly how I'm able to cover the costs of this site. Not necessarily the most profitable approach but it's what this site is about..... Honesty!  
This site is funded by affiliate program income, hosting & domain service resale and monetized by Google advertising.
I recommend only products/services that I have personally purchased, utilized and seen first-hand results.  Even the free stuff...if I've benefited from it I'll tell you how & why.
After a couple of bad experiences with domain registrars and cheap website hosts I finally found a reliable affordable provider.  I signed up as a paid re-seller so that I can keep people away from the creeps.  It's not a big money maker but it usually ends up funding itself.  Not my primary recommendation for your content website BUT as an affordable alternative and a cost effective choice for mini-sites or sales pages.   I Resell Hosting for Half Price Geeks Hosting
As the site approaches the 200 page mark it's focus remains the same "fighting the war against scams by promoting awareness".
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