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We believe strongly in working with people who "over deliver".  

As an affiliate the best way to promote is through personal recommendation.  All of our suggested resources offer great affiliate programs.  When you purchase, sign up for the affiliate program. This will add another stream of income to your work from home business. Free Downloads After wasting a lot of time and money, I finally found the Affiliate Masters Course. That thankfully set me straight once and for all, as well it lead me to their other quality free resources. I can't stress anything more than this.  Start with the free resources from You won't find better quality resources on the Net even at a price. Then when you are ready to graduate to paid resources and services, seriously think about sticking with a Company that over-delivered with their "free" resources. After you see what they deliver for free, you can rest assured of the quality you'll receive for the paid stuff.

Site Build It! -This one includes everything: domain name, building your site, hosting your site and much much more. With SBI! anyone with or without experience can build their online business quickly and effectively. It's unique, and it includes everything that you need.  If you go with SBI! especially with the upcoming upgrade to SBI! Basically- you can forget about needing any other resources.

Check out some SBI! Sites
Find out how to Win a Site Build It! Site

Autoresponders- If you haven't tried setting up an autoresponder yet.  Start with the free service and then upgrade when you're ready for the full service.  We've included a few for you to choose from. You'll definitely need an autoresponder service for your online business.

*SBI! note: If you go with SBI! You will be able to manage your mailings without the need for an additional service.

Affiliate Mistakes :Maximizing Your Profits From Affiliate Programs by Chuck McCullough- If you plan on promoting as an affiliate this e-book gives you the low down on the top 10 affiliate mistakes and how to avoid them.  Don't learn the hard way, it took Chuck 5 years to figure it out.  Grab the ebook now and save yourself a lot of wasted effort and money! It sure helped me.

Currently I'm researching the possibility of putting up a bunch of inter-related mini sites. Hosting costs were going to be an issue, until I found an affordable solution for mini sites:

If multiple mini sites are what you plan then you should check them out. They offer multiple domain hosting of up to 200 domain names for a low monthly fee of US$29.00

AdMinder - Ad Tracking, at first I thought this was an expense that I could avoid. Then I ran a couple of promotions at the same time. I got a great response from one of them. To this day I don't know which one it was. If I had tracked the promotions I would have known which one got the response and I would have been able to keep promoting it successfully. This is a tool that you will need when you are ready to start online promotions.

*side note- SBI! includes easy-to-understand traffic stats and click-through analysis. You will only need Ad Tracking if you decide not to go with SBI. -Here's a nifty and affordable way to have your own url without the added cost of hosting. A great method for hiding your loooonggggg affiliate url.

If you plan on using a drop shipper to supply the products that you sell, there's no place like The Drop Ship Source Directory to find established, legitimate and reliable suppliers.


Freelance Work Exchange -This one's a bit different, it's really only applicable if you plan on offering a service as one of your products or if you are interested in generating an income by performing services for others this is the place to find great leads for freelance work. Don't forget to sign up for your free your free report while you're there. websites:
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