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Name: Sandi

Comments: I love your site!!
I had the same exact experience with SFI. The only difference with my
experience is that I finally got the guts to quit their program after I read
an article about them at
After that article, I flat out refused to buy anything from those people.
They are such scumbags. What is so hard to believe is that they are still in
O.k. I am done ranting. Thanks for making your site available.


One for your lists... Direct Infinity, The URL is These guys tell you that
somebody signed up in your 'powerline' at a rate of a
couple of hundred a day... They fill your inbox with
messages. What they don't tell you is that there is no
spill-over in the program. It is a two-up system. In my
mind that system alone is a scam. You have to give up
your first two recruits to your sponsor.

Richard Griffiths

Subject: 1,000,000 VISITORS GUARANTEED!

The subject heading above is the specific sort of scam that I fell for.

It took me three and one-half years to research, design, layout, and eventually launch my site, once I felt it was ready for the world. All I needed was traffic.

Of course submitting to search engines is a must, but I wanted to hit the ground running, after submission, opted for 30,000 'TARGETED' UNIQUE VISITORS. The cost? A steal from its original $500, for a time-sensitive offer of just $197!

The results: 20,000 visits later, my SiteMeter (which tabulates who's coming from where and at what time, and how long at my site), reveals that visitors barely even look at the site, and that an average visit is a whopping . 04 seconds ... and to boot ... no page views!

They certainly guarantee traffic, but my guess is that the traffic could have come from non-English speaking visitors. 20,000 visits later, I email the company, and they try to give me this story that the problem is obviously my website. (He doesn't know that I have a SiteMeter that provides me all this data). Once I tell him, his tone changes.

Now I'm back to square one seeking ways to bring traffic to my site legitimately, and currently looking into, some sort of bidding for prime keywords that rank sites high on the search engines.

Any one reading this ... do you know of a really good way to drive traffic to a website? Services out there a "dime a dozen" in terms of quantities, but very little quality ... and if the price for their services are low, I always wonder if I'm getting a good deal. But when their prices scale beyond a couple of thousand dollars, and promise the world, my defenses go up also.

Currently, I'm a crossroads of ambivalence. Should I, or shouldn't I?


PS Thanks for this opportunity to 'vent' I sincerely hope someone learns from my misfortunes in seeking legit traffic.

I am glad I found your site as it has so much useful information. I never realized that there were so many ways a person could be scammed on and off the net.You can be sure I will visit your site over and over again. I am going to learn how not to get myself in trouble on the Internet and off the Internet up the good work.

William Edwards


Not enough WORDS to express my appreciation for putting up that website alerting readers of Imagine 2020. I 've getting about 5 emails daily to join them, but now that I know what their scam is I won't. Sorry you lost so much money. Please keep me informed as to new chisters and their scams.


Hello Shelly =]
Hmm, I'm only 18 and I do think about starting my own business quite frequently (because working for other people is not my forte) and I did get suckered into those work-from-home scams. Thing is, I'm a big 'free' freak... if it's helping me but it's not free, it's a scam! (Well, I am a cheap bastard!) I just recently did a research on the internet scams and it took me 3 full days to find your site... I'm dismayed. There are thousands of people, kids, adults, ambitious teenagers like me that get fooled by these silly marketers that advertise their get rich quick schemes, and it seems that your site is being buried underneath everything! I don't know, but I wish your site was more open and accessible... I have already sent ALL my friends this site, and hope they keep passing it on... but I do not believe that is enough to spread the word. I guess it's true, evil people know no bounds >=\ Imagine2020, SFI, seen 'em all, and I thought they were all bull... And my guess was right. Thank God I stumbled into your site.

Hello Shelley,
My name is Maureen and I just wanted to say thanks for putting together a terrific website.

I just finished reading your article about your Aunt's experience in the "jewelry business". Along with probably countless others, that was my "first" experience years ago when having a "home-based business" was advertised everywhere you looked.

I still have my CDN $ 100.00 beaded tree ornament and CDN $150.00 beaded earrings. They are now keepsakes that I love to hang on to, if only for a laugh.
Your view of MLM hits the nail on the head. I just recently joined such an opportunity and am still excited about it. Now I just have to figure out the difference between wanting to believe it will work and knowing that it actually can.

Thanks for your tips. They are a great help.
Take care,

Hi Shelley,
I love your website. What a terrific resource. I'm not real web savvy so I will try some of your ideas over the next few months. I have a home business but build my business mostly through networking groups and over the phone.

All the best,
Darren Prine
Home Based Business Consultant