Our Top 3 Suggested Affiliate Programs
There are many affiliate programs out there. Take your time in checking them out.

As much as we'd like to promote many different affiliate programs, this page is about the three best and most effective affiliate programs we've joined to date.

The following are our top 3 picks. We highly recommend them because of the reliability of each, the quality of their products and the unbelievable support and tools that they offer to their affiliates.

All three offer high commissions, the ability to earn on two levels and are free to join.

We've made commissions from all three and receive our payments with no problem.

The 5 Pillar Affiliate program is quantum leaps ahead of anything else out there.

You really need to visit the site to get the whole picture. Once you do  you'll understand why I say it's quantum leaps ahead. If you like what you see just wait until you see what happens when you join.

You'll get a 200+ page manual free that's much better than ones you'd pay $100 or more for.

Believe me...this is the affiliate program you've been waiting for.

With this one you need to reach a minimum to receive your commission. With the quality products they offer and the tools and support their affiliates receive, meeting the minimum isn't a problem.

The 5 Pillar Affiliate Program

The two following affiliate programs are favorites because they have great products and reliable service. Both Chuck (Affiliate Mistakes) and Chris (DSS) give expert advise and respond promptly.   

These two programs have no minimum payout. Even if a single sale is made you get paid.

Affiliate Mistakes
If you haven't purchased this ebook yet, and you are promoting products as an affiliate, it's a must. It really helped me spot some of the mistakes that I was making and get me on the right path to promoting as an affiliate profitably.

Once you've read the book and believe in it, then you should sign up as an affiliate and promote it.

Affiliate Mistakes / Website Traffic System Affiliate Program

The Drop Ship Source Directory
After spending so much time researching scams, I realized that there are many, many, many scammers out there promoting so called drop shippers to those looking to start their own online business.

The one guy I found who actually takes the time to set the record straight and provide free guidance is Chris Malta.

Download his free ebook, read it, then promote his product with confidence.

The Drop Ship Source Directory (click on the affiliate program button when you get there)

Don't forget to use the Affiliate Program Checklist for reviewing programs you are interested in joining.

These three programs may be a little too specific for your existing or planned website theme. If so, here are some other free affiliate programs that we have generated commissions from. These affiliate programs are good for just about any type of web business. These free affiliate programs have products or services that will be relevant to almost every possible website theme.


Affiliate programs can be a great way to generate income for your work from home business.  They are easy to join. Usually you only have to fill out one easy form.  After that you are set to start selling by using the special URL they assign you.

This is a great way to have products /services available on your site quickly.  As well, this keeps your start up costs low.    

Before signing up as an affiliate you should give careful consideration to ALL of the following:

Relevance to your theme
Price and quality
Commission structure
Payment Schedule
Referral tracking
Real-time statistics
Support & Resources

The product(s) or service(s) of the program should be of interest to your target market. If they aren't then you won't see positive results.

Your referrals (customers) should receive a quality product at a fair price. Your reputation is important, only associate yourself with good quality products or services.

The price is also important in respect to your earning potential.  If the price is too high, less people will purchase.  If the price is too low, many people may purchase but your commission earnings will be small.  

Commission rates vary.  Some pay as low as 5% while others pay 50% or higher. It's a good idea to have at least one high paying affiliation.  Look for programs that pay a commission on first buys, as well as repeat purchases by your referrals (preferably lifetime).

Review the payment plan carefully.  Some programs only pay quarterly or bi-annually.  Look for programs that pay at least once per month.  Also, make sure the minimum amount to earn for pay out isn't too high.

Another potential income stream from affiliate programs is through second tier commissions. Find programs that pay you a commission on sales made by someone you refer to the affiliate program.

Look for programs that give you credit for a referral beyond the first visit.  It's not unusual for someone to visit a site and then purchase at a later visit.  The duration varies from program to program.  

You should familiarize yourself with their tracking methods, and the time limit.  The longer the duration the better.   

It's important to be able to track your results, so look for programs that give you access to your statistics in real-time online.

Quality programs support their affiliates.  They offer suggestions, tools and resources aimed at helping their affiliates succeed.  You should feel that you are part of a team.

To summarize, there are good affiliate programs and there are bad affiliate programs.  Your online business can earn a substantial income from quality affiliate programs.  

As with any opportunity, you should take the time to review the program thoroughly and ask any questions that you might have before you join.

To sell effectively you need to be familiar with the product. A personal endorsement is the most effective sales approach of all.

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